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Fly in Roldanillo Pueblo Magico!

Volando en Parapente Roldanillo

Fly happy and calm @, Our work team takes care of the rest, you came here to enjoy the landscape of Roldanillo Pueblo Magico.

Different spaces. Sports activities to enjoy with friends and family. Emotion, Fun, Nature, Adventure and maximum security. Know our schedules!

Diferentes espacios. Actividades deportivas de inducción al parapente para disfrutar con amigos y familia. Emoción, Diversión, Naturaleza, Aventura y máxima seguridad. ¡Conozca nuestros horarios!

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roldanillo pueblo mágico

The paragliding experience includes:

Price: $170,000 per person

  • Detailed tourist information on the flight area.

  •  Accompaniment of  pilots specialized in paragliding.

  • Transportation to the flight area  place with a 360° view (take advantage and take good photos)

  • We do not sell flight time, we sell an experience * 

  • Medical assistance policy 

  • Photos and video in high definition (HD) with a Go-Pro type camera that will be sent to  WhatsApp according to your preference.

*The duration and route of the paragliding experience depends on the weather conditions of the week and the weather of the day, which are analyzed by our work team to make your experience an excellent adventure.

Why should I book?

Logistics is important in adventure sports, making the reservation gives us the possibility of coordinating and assigning schedules, Flight Teams according to your weight, Assigning pilots, Hiring insurance, Informing you how to dress and other activities that make your experience safe and coordinated

volar Parapente Roldanillo
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Tel. 3175936802
Office: Carrera 8 # 6-22
Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca


Monday - Friday 08:00 - 13:00
Saturday 08:00 - 14:00
Sunday only flight operation  


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