British Winter Open Roldanillo 2022

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Parapentista en campeonato de parapente en Roldanillo
Parapentista en campeonato de parapente en Roldanillo, al fondo el Valle del Cauca en Colombia

🏆El British Winter Open(Open Británico de Invierno) se celebrará en Roldanillo,Valle del Cauca en Colombia, del domingo 30 de enero de 2022 al sábado 5 de febrero de 2022. La inscripción (y los entrenamientos) serán el 30 de enero y la primera manga será el 31 de enero.

Roldanillo es un lugar de competición de parapente de clase mundial, habiendo acogido numerosos eventos nacionales, la Copa del Mundo y el Campeonato Mundial de Parapente. El Open de Invierno también se celebró aquí en 2019 y 2020. El lugar cuenta con condiciones de vuelo excepcionalmente fiables en enero/febrero. El Open de Invierno se llevará a cabo de forma consecutiva con el Nacional de Colombia, que tendrá lugar la semana anterior, y el PWC la semana posterior, dando a los pilotos la oportunidad de extender su vuelo de invierno en Colombia con tres eventos de alto nivel de forma consecutiva, y consiguiendo un nivel progresivamente más alto.

Pilotos volando hacia el Norte del Valle del Cauca desde Roldanillo
Pilotos volando en parapente hacia el Norte del Valle del Cauca desde Roldanillo

The British Winter Open will be held in Roldanillo, Colombia from Sunday 30th January 2022 to Saturday 5th February 2022. Registration (and practice) will be on 30th January and first task will be on 31st January.

Roldanillo is a world class paragliding competition venue, having hosted numerous National events, the World Cup and the World Paragliding Championships. The Winter Open was also held here in 2019 & 2020. The venue boasts exceptionally reliable flying conditions in January/February, with only a handful of tasks over the past few years have been cancelled. The Winter Open will be run back to back with the Colombian Nationals, which will take place the week before, and the PWC the week after, giving pilots the opportunity to extend their winter flying in Colombia with three high level events back to back, and getting progressively higher level.

Generally pilots as a minimum must have:-

• Made a 50km flight to goal in a FAI competition in the last 2 years OR

• Made a 100km XC flight in the past 2 years

If in doubt, please contact the organisation with full declaration of your experience for acceptance.

The event is expected to be 75% 2-liners and 25% Sports wings.

The International airport at Bogotá is 1 hour by air from the regional airports of Pereira, Cali and Armenia. Roldanillo is 1 hour by road from Pereira and Armenia. Cali International Airport is 90 minutes by road from Roldanillo.

What do you get?

The entry fee includes all the usual aspect, plus a few extras for this year!

- Six high quality tasks of up to 100km

- A full tracking system for safety and scoring

- t-shirt or other souvenir

- Retrieves

- Final party

- New for this event: Every competitor will be covered by accident insurance as part of the entry fee! See details below.

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Colombian Federation Organiser Luis Fernando (Local queries only)

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