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Reserva de experiencia en parapente

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  • What time do you fly paragliding in Roldanillo?
    We fly every day in the morning in Roldanillo if the weather conditions allow it. It is important to make the reservation in time to be able to do all the logistics so that your flight is an unforgettable experience. Remember... we depend on weather conditions.
  • Do I need to make a reservation to fly paragliding in Roldanillo?
    🪂Yes, the reservation of the paragliding experience must be made in advance with 50% of the value of the flight.WHY SHOULD I BOOK❓Logistics is important in adventure sports, making the reservation gives us the possibility of coordinating and assigning schedules, Flight Teams according to your weight, Assigning pilots, Hiring insurance, Informing you how to dress and other activities that make your experience safe and coordinated.
  • How should I dress to go paragliding in Roldanillo?
    HOW SHOULD I DRESS?Imagine that you are going to the field:protect yourself with: 👖Long pants.🥾👟 Closed shoes to tie.🧢Cap 🧴 Blocker 🚫 Repellent. Also, if you want dark glasses😎.
  • How much does it cost to go paragliding in Roldanillo?
    The paragliding experience includes: Price: $170,000 per person Detailed tourist information on the flight area. Accompaniment of pilots specialized in paragliding. Transportation to the flight area with a 360° view (take advantage and take good photos) We don't sell flight time we sell an experience * Medical assistance policy Photos and video in high definition (HD) with a Go-Pro type camera that will be sent to WhatsApp according to your preference. *The duration and route of the paragliding experience depends on the weather conditions of the week and weather conditions of the day that are analyzed by our work team to make your experience an excellent adventure.
  • Where can I fly paragliding in roldanillo?
    FLY WITH US! In the paragliding flight in Roldanillo between 15 and 20 minutes approximately you will be accompanied by a certified pilot, you do not require knowledge regarding the flight process, the pilot minutes before carrying out the activity will give the basic instructions for the moment of the flight takeoff, during flight and landing.
  • What is paragliding?
    Paragliding is the closest way to fly like birds. The paraglider is a flexible wing glider that does not need an engine. The takeoff is from a mountain or slope facing the wind and Roldanillo has the conditions to carry out these flights with an excellent view
  • Where do you fly paragliding in Colombia?
    Enjoy an exciting experience! Fly paragliding in Roldanillo with the most experienced pilots. Welcome back!
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